Company Name B and S Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Address Head Office
2 Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0076 
Factory 1498-3 Kitayama, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka 418-0112
TEL(81-544)59-1210 FAX(81-544)59-1233
Labratory 2-31-13 Akatsuki-cho, Hachiouji-shi, Tokyo 192-0043
TEL(81-426)20-2251 FAX(81-426)20-2256
Incorporated: May, 1984 (Established 1914)
Company representative, president, & CEO: Masakatsu Fukui
Capital Levy: 650,000,000-yen
Main Bank Mizuho Bank, Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Saikyoshinyo Bank
Philosophy To contribute to people's health of maind and body
Tupe of Business:

The production of supplements that utilize lactic acid bacterium. 
Sales of supplements.

The research and development of products derived from lactic acid bacterium.

Affiliated company: Busshin Nosan Ltd.
Industry The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce & Japan Industry and Direct Selling Association.
1914 Dr. Kakutaro Masagaki sold Yogurt in Kyoto.
1925 Developed cultivation of 4 kinds of mutual lactic acid bacteria sold as Ellie.
1936 Developed cultivation of 8 kinds of mutual lactic acid bacteria sold as Sokin.
1937 Developed preservable and handy supplement known as Jyunsei Sokin.  Established Sokin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  It was sold through Ohkigoumei and Shionobi Shouten (now Shionogi & Co., Ltd) distribution companies.
1945 Developed cultivation of 16 kinds of mutual lactic acid bacteria.

Kazuyoshi Masagaki lectured on the effectiveness of mutual culture secretions in the Japanese House of Representatives (National Diet of Japan).
He received a Certificate of Achievement from Minister of Education, Soutaro Takase.

1950 Masagaki lectured in the Diet about lifespan and effective bacillus for the 2nd time.  He Received another Certificate of Achievement from the Minister of Health and Welfare, Jouji Hayashi.
1955 Lactic acid extract 1 for food was released.
1960 Lactic acid extract 2for food was released.
1965 Preservative for fresh food was released.
1975 A soil improvement liquid for no-chemical-farming was released.
1984 Kazuyoshi Masagaki established Busshin Science Life Co., Ltd. with Masakazu Fukui and Masakatsu Fukui. Lactic acid bacterium extract Chitsu was released.
1985 Kazuyoshi Masagaki passed away.  Masakazu Fukui assumed the position of the Representative Director.
1995 Launched lactic acid bacterium extract clinical research institute.
2001 Oncology Reports (Greece) published a thesis on the restraint of carcinogenesis in the large intestines using lactic acid bacterium. 
2002 Albex (lactic acid bacterium drink for medical institutions) was released.
Changed company name to B & S Corporation.
2004 Lactis (lactic acid bacterium dilution extract) was released.


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