ETATSU is a unique combination of valuable of plant-derived minerals, zinc and other essential nutrients designed to enhance the immune system. Lactobacilli is used in the fermentation process to make ETATSU.

The body has the inherent ability to not only heal itself and restore health, but also to ward off disease. However stress, poor diet, and the daily demands of a busy lifestyle depress immune system functions. ETATSU readies your body to prevent illness. It is also excellent in its ability to initiate the body's own immune defences, inhibiting the spread of unwanted disease. ETATSU is most effective when used with CHITSU.

Recommended Dosage
Take 10 drops 3 times a day in normal conditions.
Take 10cc or more 3 times a day during illness or high stress periods.

A key to good health is having a positive attitude toward life. Stay focused, and supplement your diet with ETATSU.     
Etatsu  10ml × 6
Etatsu  10ml × 30


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