A healthy diet depends on a healthy digestive system. The nutrition that is in food is only of benefit to the body when it is properly absorbed.
The flora (the network of bacteria and lactobacilli and other organisms that live in your intestines) weigh a total of about 1 Kg, forming a layer as thick as a piece of cardboard along your entire intestinal tract. If this layer of flora is broken (by antibiotics, stress, food poisoning or excessive consumption of some foods) the digestive process is less efficient.

The resident gut bacteria are able to produce a wide variety of compounds that can have positive or negative effects of gastrointestinal tract health, as well as having systemic influences. Because some gut bacteria such as lactobacilli and acidophilus have positive effects attributed to them, there has been interest in manipulating the gut flora to increase the relative numbers of beneficial bacteria.
These health-promoting bacteria have the ability to kill off other bacteria by secreting small quantities of substances. All these substances have a wide spectrum of activity against harmful, food-born bacteria such as salmonella and bacteroides.
If harmful bacteria grow in too great a proportion, fairly serious consequences can result. Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, diabetes and bowel cancer are thought to highly related to from significantly altered bowel flora.
The best strategy is to control the bacterial flora by taking CHITSU.

A complete, stabilized beneficial bacteria supplement, CHITSU is made from the secretions of 16 kinds of lactobacilli. CHITSU is not the actual lactobacilli but their secretions. When lactobacilli mature they secrete a substance which is the living environment for the lactobacilli community and which promotes their growth, at the same time these secetions form a barrier against harmful bacteria and decrease their presence. CHITSU's advantage over actual lactobacilli products such as yohgurt is that it can survive the upper gastrointestinal tract and reach the lower intestinal tract.

Recommended Dosage:
Taking drops as same number as your age or more 5 times a day with liquids such as water, juice and teas is recommended for people who are in normal condition.
Taking between 10cc and 20cc a day with liquiuds is recommended for those who are now or have been ill, under stress, have a poor diet or eat high quantities of meat.

The difference between CHITSU and Yogurt:
Friendly and unfriendly microorganisms inhabit the human intestinal tract simultaneously. Intestinal function runs smoothly with digestion and metabolism at peak levels when the balance of friendly and unfriendly microorganism is stable. Disturb or alter this fragile balance of microorganisms and your body becomes open to a barrage of illnesses and diseases.

So how do you make the friendly flora prosper? If you think yogurt is an answer, you are wrong. Yogurt simply can’t replenish your body’s levels of healthy bacteria.
Friendly flora in yogurt is killed by acid in the stomach. It doesn’t take an active part at all in the intestines.

In 1945, there was a bacteriologist who had been researching lactobacillus. His name was Kazuyoshi Masagaki. He realized the floras that need support are the friendly bacteria that inhabit the intestines from birth. He discovered the secretion of the lactobacillus and a part of the cell of lactobacillus that increases lactic acid production in the intestines. Finally he succeeded in making CHITSU in 1970.

CHITSU is an extract of lactic acid bacteria and is one of most powerful probiotic supplements in the world. It actually helps you increase the ratio of friendly microorganisms in your gastrointestinal tract, detoxify and cleanse your body, and actually reverse the imbalances that contribute to a variety of health and energy robbing illnesses.


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